After numerous scrapped map layouts and themes, I finally settled on this one. Spillsite is a bombsite map set in an industrial compound owned by the company Veikko. Before you ask, I started this theme and map before the whole Gulf of Mexico oil incident. The premise:

After a highly toxic chemical waste spill at the Veikko plant, much of the surrounding ocean was heavily polluted. The government stepped in to control the damage, and developed innovative cleanup facilities to clean the spill, including building one into the original Veikko plant itself (which had been quarantined and removed from service). Each site was assigned a cleanup crew, as well as a set of guards in case of any unlikely emergencies.

As a Terrorist: Your job is to stop the cleanup effort, as polluted water means less resources for your enemy. You must either eliminate the Guard Squad, or bomb one of the two vital points. Site A houses the industrial water filters, while site B houses the power generators for the facility. Destroying either one will get the job done.

As a Counter Terrorist: Your job is to eliminate the terrorist threat. Whether you do this by defusing their bomb, or by killing them all is up to you.

This map has been in production for some time, but is still not as detailed as I would like it to be. It does look somewhat presentable, though, so I grabbed a few screenshots for you.

T Spawn (is the dock)

Outside of Site B

Also outside of Site B

Still outside of Site B

Outside of Site A

Also outside of Site A (standing on an unreachable grate)

That's all for now, so let me know what you think. Also, I am still working on Lowlands. Rogue and I are working on making the wood textures look better, because the stock ones are pretty bad.