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Fear Feathers

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Well does anyone have -or use- twitter & are willing to share it with their fellow eGO clan mates :)

Fear Feathers: www.twitter.com/dansingsbuzz
Ill Legend: www.twitter.com/egoilllegend
Evilbear: www.twitter.com/egoiamevilbear
Cryptex: www.twitter.com/egocryptex
DanJK: www.twitter.com/egodanjk
VeRtAg0: www.twitter.com/#!/VeRtAg0
iSimon: www.twitter.com/isimon19
Jomigirock: www.twitter.com/jomigirock
Bonefrag: www.twitter.com/mtndewbuzz
Rogue205: www.twitter.com/roguetrucker
BeanieJ: www.twitter.com/#!/beaniejxh
GbrilliantQ: www.twitter.com/gbrilliantq
joshcash: www.twitter.com/majormoneyart
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well i believe twitter turns people into zombies

i noticed that once myspace made it so that you could sync it with twitter

status' by a few people trippled

and not with anything useful

"im eating cereal now" "now im watching tv" "i wonder what i should do later"

twitter brings out the stupid part of peoples brain

if einstein had a twitter, even his tweets would make him look like a twit


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i never really got into twitter. never tried it yet. only got a facebook account, but is it wroth using twitter???