Video Streaming questions


I have been trying to set up a video stream for Justin.TV ~ Everything works fine except for the fact that my stream lags super hard and only runs at like 5-10 FPS.
I know for a fact my PC can run a simple TF2/Left 4 Dead 2 stream. I'm debating if my terrible AT&T ISP is the problem. How big of a deal is my Upload speed with this, I'm guessing ridiculously important. I plan on getting a new ISP soon anyway. Thanks in advance. Also, I'm using Flash Media Encoder and VHScrCap. If you know some good settings for great video quality using these programs let me know.


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Upload is extremely important when it comes to sending any kind of data.
Get a better ISP, and you'll net better results.

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EGO Is My Life!
Your in-game gets fps lag or just visual lag on the output for the stream? If its just the output, it's just a bad upload speed on a bad isp.