Call of Duty Video


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I know some of you hate Call of duty Modern Warfare 2, becaus Infinity Wars **** up the game. But I made a video of it. 100% home made exept from the music, I hope you guys like it.:



king killer

EGO Is My Life!
Thats why i hated that game people would use cheap things like comando lightwieght marathon and tac knife. Not meaning to put you down nice vid.


EGO Is My Life!
Either the game is so easy that you can do that alot, or youve been playing that game way 2 much! Also that track is either a tiesto track or just a really old classic trance track. Cant remember the name of it off hand.


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It was ok, i liked the beginning but then i just thought it got boring.

Also, i think the beginning should be more in sync with the music.