The first days of eGO

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EGO Is My Life!
Six months ago today we pushed the “GO” button on eGO. But the clan started long before this. Maybe 3 or 4 years before the forums were put up and the server was started.

eGO started as conversations between Artimus, Kamikaze Tommy and Slayr. ZonkMachine and Dagorlad, two old RP guys who did not come over to eGO also contributed ideas in these conversations and are worthy of an honorable mention as is Osa, who has kind of come over.

Things in our old clan, RP, continued to deteriorate to the point were sick of talking and wanted to put our dialogues into practice.

The first thing that we needed for our new clan was a name. We almost went with “Mean Old Bastards” which would have had a tag something like –[MOB]-. But, Mike (Artimus) came up with Edge Gamers Organization. He gave us a list of reasons for the name which included:

Ego is the German word for First Person Shooter

We wanted to have our clan on the cutting Edge of gaming

Rashell, Artimus and JohnT are all avid snowboarders, and snowboarders are always riding on the edge

And finally, the tag e, eG and eGO would work well with our idea of how the clan would be set up.

Tech Sgt. Starbuck designed the tag, which was an improvement over the original
-[eGO]- idea.

In reality there were many omens pointing to our early success. The first weekend of operation was timed to coincide with the last free weekend of Source which gave us an early boost. We knew that we had the stamina and the love of gaming to stay with the clan and make it a success. We knew that the start of the school year would bring an influx of new computers able to play Source and that the new Christmas computers would be the end of Classic DoD.

FIREBRINGER, known to most of you as Kendle showed up on the server on the first day. He and Silentsushi were there for the Pausable Incedent. Our first day, the pause setting was set to allow which as you can imagine allowed any player to pause the game.

Kendle said he knew how to fix it and after a few phone conversations was given the keys to the server. No one could have predicted what this friendship would bring to Edge. Kendle, a veteran of several clans, including the 4th Vermont, an old historic DoD Classic Clan, came in with a fresh twist on many of our ideas and really got the ball rolling.

Kendle fixed the old flag glitchs, he got rid of the Piano, he got rid of all the bed frames and lamps that serve absolutely no purpose to the game. He updated the server on numerous occasions before any other server did. Kendle is the Firebringer.

It might seem that sometimes we were flying by the seat of our pants in the early days, because we were. It may also seem that we can change course in 10 minutes because we can. Many of the decisions made that have changed the course of the clan has been after a frantic ring of phone calls a decision was made within 10 minutes.

We have fired almost half the admins we have hired. That’s why the clan is set up the way it is. We want to give people a chance to make a home here, a chance to prove their leadership qualities and to grow. We are very willing to give the chance, but we know only a few will make it. This is the reason why we are as quick to fire as we are to hire.

I hope you are going to be one of the few who make it.
Cool i think this thread should be a sticky so we dont loose it. I really enjoyed reading it and still feel we should do something special for the 6 month anniversary.

Maybe a e and eGO vs eG!
We are waiting on someone to do something special for us :(

Our surpise is running a bit late :(
hey, congrats guys, this is one of if not the most, succsessful and most well known clan in the world or Day of Defeat. You put alot of effort into it and it seems as though its all paying off. Thanks alot guys for keeping up with the clan, and tollerating me !lol

i hope the surprise has somthing to do with elephants balancing on balls juggling chainsaws singing the hoeky poeky.... but thats just me.
This is the best clan I have seen and it is continously growing. COngrats to this clan and it was interesting reading about the history of eGO.
6 months of these I've only been here for 5 months... I hope the surprise will be sweet and big! Can't wait for it... Still sad that my game doesn't work, would so like playing with you guys....because of this I haven't played since 12.12, which was 21 days ago. I hope it won't take another month to fix my game.... :( Happy 6 month anniversary for these forums!
yeah i remember the rp server was one of the few 32 plyr servers that was open during the first days of dods. I like the history story though....very interesting.
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