Guitar Shredders!!!

I played guitar for 18 years. Mainly in focus of neo classical (a harmonic minor) and blues.

Used to be a large user of yahoo and paltalk and played online with a large variety of players in real time. If you have not tried it yet, take your effects proccesor and input it to your line in and then download paltalk. There is a room which is still in effect called "mare's guitar" which is a great room.

I stopped playing about 2 years ago due to a wrist injury.

Anyhow, over the years I have collected backing tracks which I would use to play while online. Once my website is back up I will post the link. The backing tracks are in mp3 and not midi, so the quality is greater and alot of fun.

My absolute favorite effects was the digitech 2101. If you can find one buy one!

Nice rig Kendle! I posted my guitar info on a prev thread a while back, so I won't go into too much detail. I was in bands in the late 60's and 70's. I had to stop when I got married and had kids. Since my son was in his 20's, it was time for dad to get back into bands and I've been in a few since about 2004.

Started out playing rhythm, then moved to lead, then fell in love with bass when I had to pick it up and play a gig after our bassist didn't show (we fired him after more no-shows) and I played mostly bass at gigs after that, except for Santana songs.

In terms of lead, I love playing Deep Purple and Santana stuff the best. For bass, just about anything except rap and country. My faves playing bass are Boston, Rush, Deep Purple, Santana, Styx and a bunch of others.
Latest stuff I like to play in bass and lead is by Wolfmother, who has a style very close to Black Sabbath. if you haven't heard them, you HAVE to give them a listen.
Yeah, self taught when I was about 15 yrs old. Sadly I left my acoustic out in the shed, it got rained on, and the rest is history. 8)
Whats up guys, I love to play the guitar just got a new one for Xmas, an Ltd ESP, and a Fender Amp, wonderful quality. Since yall are some exp. shredders, I need some help on Tremolo Picking, any kinda of advice tips help of any kind would be greatly appreciated
Drummers rule but are always underated... "Yea well drums dont do nothin... They just sit on thier butts... They arnet cool..." Yea well i'll just not play then the music sounds bad... Thats my awsome comeback!
This is a pic of me from a previous band's web page - the band folded before we got the web page up. The background is from the movie, "Constantine". We all decided against a boring old bio section and decided to have a little fun with the pictures. The drummer (wish I had that pic) inserted himself in a "Hellraiser" (movie) backdrop. It looked frikking awesome!
Yeah Oneshot, they always dump on the drummer but without a good timekeeper the timing is shot.

The only ones who criticize drummers and bassists are ones who have never played in a band. You NEED the rhythm section, even if the bass is being played by a keyboard, it still has to be there