Congrats on the New Server

Yo, just postin to say congrats on the new server!! :D !lol :D
anyone else happy? :?


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Thanks :)

How is everyone liking it so far?
tis sweet!!!
thanks guys for the new server and thanks all the advisors that helped out with that even i didnt really know until the end lol baawahaaa kendle i know all a long lol
Yeah! Thx ANd congratulations, new server is so cool , another map to hang out with you guys !!

!amazed ;) :D

Happy New YEar!


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Cant wait to play the new server but i will be on Ava more.


EGO Is My Life!


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wow I am looking forward to playing on the new server tonight as soon as i get off work! I think this will be a big hit and will try my best to help it get off the ground.