idk if som1 alredy made a thread like this but wut kind of music do yal listen too. i am always interested in hearing ppls opinions and stuf like that i listen to:

led zeppelin
motley crue
metallica (up to black album)
iron maiden
judas priest
pink floyd
def leppard
bon jovi

bassicaly all 80s metal and most classic rock. plz post i am interested on seeing yals views.
I am getting older soooooo I mostly like music from the 70's / 80's. I got into country western, mostly female singers, about 10 years ago. I also like classical. I played the french horn in High School concert band, marching band. I wasn't a BAND geek since I also played 3 years varsity football and baseball. 8)
Ya i saw Motley Crue in concert. My uncle played in a 80s metal band name Tuff. Now he runs a web site Metal Sludge.
He also brought the band Vains Of Jenna over to America. He got me the tickets to the Motley Crue show. We got floor seats and we were like 10 rows away from the stage. So i listen to 80s metal mostly since i grew up with it in the family. But i dont mind other stuff. Just not that much rap. Im a sludgeholic of the month on the site.
i went to c crue last year in baton rouge not as good as floor tickets but it was stil pretty good. and in november i went to c journey and def leppard here in new orleans and i gotta say that was the best 1 yet. def leppard wasnt that good but journey was amazing and we had floor tickets to and i was about 15 rows away from stage

Coates Twins Band ;)

Woah! That's a shocker! I was kidding about Air Supply :p
Couldn't resist it ! I remembered it from your page. It's very unusual for a guy to be in a band with their spouse. It must have been a blast.
My Chemical Romance
50 Cent
Simple Plan
Taking Back Sunday
Billy Talent
Simple Plan
Red Jumpsuit Appartus.