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EGO Is My Life!
Alright fellas,

We have invested another server in the clan. I hope we didn't make a mistake by getting it. Now we got two servers to fill. Our admins are going to spread thin. So we are going to be asking everyone to step up the next month and prove that we weren't wrong in getting the 2nd server.

So we are throwing down the gauntlet. Keep both servers full and we will keep both. If one is empty at the end of the month we are going to let it go cause we can't afford to pay for an empty server.

We are asking each and everyone of you to help us this next month. Please do your best and do your part.

Nice going John! Artimus and I were there last night. .. well until Arti's wife got all rangy Good map too! I will try and split time between the two !dodge
10-4 Chief. Donner's a great map and it's going to be a peasure helping you and the rest of the family make these two sites THE places to BE. 8)
im always on and everytime i am im in ego servers so im down for the cause and so are my friends that play. i got them hooked we will prove that ego is the best! wooootttt!~!!!!!!
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