what mp3 player do you prefer? Zune or ipod


there has been a HUGE discussion about which mp3 player is better. The Apple ipod can store more, it has a better turn wheel, and comes in colors. The Microsoft Zune on the other hand has a bigger screen, looks alot cooler than the ipod, it has a built in fm radio, and has built in wifi so you can share music wirelessly. So now I ask you this (not that you really care but still) which mp3 player is better?

I own a zune and I love it, the Microsoft Zune is my choice. !lol
Sadly, I have not come into the money required to by an iPod yet, I did have a Shuffle for awhile, but I sold it because I eventually got a new phone that plays music and it has a fairly large MiniSD stick that holds most of my music for the holidays. I don't really know much about the Zune though, so I can't really compare the two.
Ipod video... the only complaint i have is low battery life when watching vids, or having light on. But im still planning to get a zune to watch movies of sumthin... hows the battery life on the Zune?
i used to love apple and their iPods, but now i just hate them, even tho i have a nano...(my dad got it for me so w/e, it works so ill just use it), but anways, i started hating apple because i used to have a shuffle, and one day upgraded my itunes to version 7, which ended up screwing my ipod up , and giving me some stupd erorcode 1418 error, it ends up this happened to everyone else in this huge rear-end blue planet, and apple is not doing ANYTHING about it...but w/e...wow...i just wasted 3 mins of my life whining
I read something on the Zune, it doesn't sound very good. Apparently some music purchased over it's subscription based service doesn't even play or transfer, and music protected under 'PlaysForSure' doesn't either. I don't think that sounds like my idea of a good MP3 player.
I have a Creative Zen Vision (not the little M) 30 gig. The screen is beautiful 640x480 but a little hard to see from the side. The sound is great. Battey life is good, about 4 hours video, 7 hours mp3s and charges in 45 mins. It plays mp3s, wma's and a few other things. Plays .avi's .wmv's .mpg's and some other ones, it also comes w/ a converter to convert video on the computer and all the software is easy to use. I used the dock to hook it up in the car and you can plug it into a TV, awesome.

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