Would anyone like to make me a sig? I don't care what the design is really. Just anything you think is really cool. Your own design is cool. Please and thankyou guys. :)

yea i'll make ya one but use silent's... he is a lot better... You can have me as a backup!
As dye and bizz said, i too need a sig. I would make my own but my computer for some reason has a grudge against photoshop and i personally don't think sigs made in paint are good.
ok i need help with a custom sig. for the most part i dont mind what its like but just so that it looks kinda samurai'ish. thnks.
meh idk. i needed a name for all of the games i played. like css dod rakion jka and spacecowboys. and bullet didnt fit all them.
lol well my friend always says gettin busy. so then i made my name gettin b!zzy but then it went to B!zz


Plop this in your sig:

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