Xbox Live!!!!

hey, whats up everyone, I was wondering if any1 else in here has an xbox, and Xbox Live

If you, go ahead and put ur gamer tag down here and we could join up in a game some time, mine is Ant1 H3R0 if you want to add me as a friend peace
i was at fry's looking for xbox live on new years and i found out they didnt sell it anymore... damn i wanted to play Earned in blood, NFL 2k5, and burnout revenge on live ..... :( do they even sell live gold for xbox anymore? since they stopped production
Considerations to have this clan and it's concepts for X-Box Live could be interesting. X-Box Live could use a whole lot of influence of this sort. I find it hard to act "mature," and "level-headed," on X-Box Live, but it would probably be a lot easier to, if there are others to do it with. Anytime I think of X-Box Live anymore, I got bitter thoughts. It's a shame really, when X-Box Live first came out, it was a really good community.
Yes, FTW = for the wini like apocalypse said, its a commonly used term in gaming and im surprised yal dont know that... I guess its not as common in dem der fps's... xP
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I would play my 360 on live, but I can't stand the sound of twelve year old kids screaming and cursing at me when I own them.
You really wanted to toss that "own," in there? The kids of such, will do those actions winning or losing.
hey if anyone wants to buy a gold card i will sell it for $50 i bought it for my bro but it automatically buys a new 12 months so we have no use for it
i got xbox live, on the 360 though, w00t, well i can still add a id from just the origional xbox. my id is GameMaster3203