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Okay so im not sure if there is a thread about this already, but I wanted to hear about some peoples intense kills. Not like a grenade that's killed 5 people (impressive still) or killing sprees (11 in a row is mine :D), but things like shooting thru walls and stuff.

I'll start it off:
My first intense kill that i have to report is on avalanche. There is a sniping post (as we all know) on the allies side that surveys the entire no mans land area in the middle and, well thats where i was. So an axis fellow decided to sprint from the main axis archway to the axis second flag, and well i decided to snipe him. So he books it to the second and i follow him with my crosshair and he gets out of my view just a bit (the corner of the building blocked my view) and I thought i could just shoot for the heck of it. Haha, well the bullet went thru the corner of the building across the feild and right thru his chedt and into the wall. I was so amazed, i think i may have died afterwards from celebrating haha.
Yea my other intense kill happened today. It was similar in where i shot thru something to kill someone. I was axis this time (rifleman) and i was playing on our new donner server ( :D ). An allied fellow was running at me kid of so i hid at a distance behind a cart of some sort(its on the axis side, a little after the axis second coming form the axis spawn). So i thought, hey what the heck, boom, headshot apparently haha. I was so happy.

So yea those are a couple of my MANY amazing kills (haha yea right i wish). So yea I hope to hear about some other amazing kills.
And again if im double posting a thread, plz tell me, so i dont look like a n00b ahha.
what, Lt. Dan is a newb haha. i just kidding, please dont blind me :D. i fave kill, and i dont know how i did it. but i was an axis sniper. and i was running to the V crack. but b4 i went into the room, i looked at the wall. and i shot the wall. And i killed some1, i think it was oneshot. And i was like, "thats so kewl." i just thought that was weird. but hey, i got a kill. GO BUNNIES :)
My highest in source was 23 with the sniper rifle, followed by 11 or so(score went to crap after that). Most exciting spree was a 14 or 15 stroll into the axis base as an allied assault class. Ran out of ammo for both weapons, had to pick up an axis weapon that time :) Been to long for me to vividly remember the details of the events.
ya cause this is prolly the most realistic fps game i hav evr played cause of all the recoil and stuf like that. plus the graphics r rlly good !amazed
I remeber that bunnies... !mistrust i have a great pic of bunnies getting pwmed... here it is... :)

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