[poll] Suggestions.


Hey im making this thread as a tip pointer for the future of the forums. Well im pretty much starting this because there is no where to go if you see something that is totally wrong or something that should be added to the forums. So here, i will start out by saying a few things should be added.

1. A few more forum topics (ex. Suggestions, A Spam Forum, A =(e)= page, a =(eG)= and finally a =(eGO)= page)

2. Maybe there should be a few pictures of the server in the background of the main page. to me, it seems a little bit simple.

But other than that, to me it seems pretty cool. i just thought i throw that out there for you guys. Sorry if i offended anyone with this topic. (if anyone)

So post your stuff!
There already is an eG, and eGO forum. There is no e page though, thats considered General Discussion. You need to be part of the group to view em though. As the pictures go, one or two pictures might look nice, but no more than that. Don't want to overcrowd the page now :)
i agree with bananna, alot of talk goes in to the private forums about website designs and such and then is brought out into the general discusion
I like the site's design as it is and the simplicity of it...No need to go overboard with it if you ask me :) Or, at least, relative simplicity compared to some others I've seen...
the separate forums are fine. i dont think we need anymore topics. as for the pictures for the site, well maybe like outbreak said about the banners but im thinking more like a different theme. maybe a different color scheme for the different topics. these are all just suggestions. to do the things we want, remember it takes the time and effort of the council. so maybe these things are alittle unreasonable. the site is fine as it is, these just will make it look cooler.