Favorite Food!


well i saw there was a favorite movie so i decided to make a favorite type of food cus i like food. List ur Favs under and what type they are. Mine are

Orzo (greek)
Penne (Italian)
Filet Minon(Cow)
In and Out Burgers (American)

and no im not fat, im 6'2'' and i weight 160 pounds....
EVERYTHING (everyone)
im not fat either, i just like everything food is great. i love it. im 6'1'' and 165 lbs but everybody tells me i need to eat more. even tho i eat constantly. but enough about that. i love food and all food for that matter. cept mushrooms. (allergic)
i wil try anything unless its green and/or gooey. but i mostly like
lasagna(ovr anything)
most pastas
croketas(argentinian food)
pizza hut

many others too :D
Just about every kind of potato dish except mashed or scalloped

Also, Ledzep, you contradict yourself.. I consider Pizza Hut, Lasagna and Pasta to be a little 'goey' [Though they are good]
Love food. Don't eat meat (cept for some seafood types).

I love any and all sushi. Love the different specialty rolls places have, but gotta give credit to fresh salmon by itself or with other things.

Then in general japanese, mexican and italian food would be my top 3(depending on what I'm actually eating from them, so they can fluctuate).
I gotta say
Terriyaki Chicken from Sakio Japan


Cozumeul's ( its a local mexican with a fajita quesidila to DIE for(