[poll] MMORPG's


ok guys i wanted to know if any of you play mmorpgs. but more specifically along the lines of runescape or others. if u do tell me cus i do and it would be cool to see if anyone has played, does play, or will play.
A cool MMO i play is Anarchy Online, only down side is that it sucks if you dont buy the expansions but otherwise its pretty cool. It's a sci-fi futuristic MMO
Hey add me im Hayimjay2... I play every once a while... Not bad role playing but graphics wise it sucks... Thats the best word for the graphics...
I'm not a real fan of RPG's. Even less MMO's. I've played a few MMO's I like, but I'd only play them like 2 days in an entire month and then move on to something else, so I don't really see the point in paying a monthly fee if I only play it occasionally. The only RPG's [not MMO's] that I've really got sucked into were Diablo 1&2 and Oblivion. I did enjoy Dark Age of Camelot when it came to MMO's, but as I said the fact I play them very little I don't think it warrants a monthly fee.
ok well i was kinda asking cus i need old rs accounts. for no reason specifically, but by the sound of it i dont think that anyone plays rs here.
I used to play Runescape, don't know why, it sucks. Scammers, hackers, bad graphichs, too easy, 60 lvl's above you PvP's,etc.
I still play some korean MMORPG's plus AQ and DF and brwoser games.
I play silkroadonline (SRO)

its free to dl and free of payments, so it is sweet.

It is a chiense silkroad themed mmorpg, if you look on xfire its in the top10 games played. The graphics are meh.
try www.silkroadonline.net if that doesnt work, just goodgle silkroadonline and its the first website.

I am on the Xian and Babel server
You play silkroad so do me and my big brother. I used to play kal online which was pretty much the same too.
We play on the RedSea server.
I also used to play runescape. It just sucked b/c all the treasures were in the fighting zone were lv 100s always were. And i was also tired of those horrible graphics. A MMORPG that is ok is guild wars. Free online play (after purchase of the game). The graphics are good, but the only things that suck are 6 or 8 man team limits, lv. 20 cap, and goldfarmers... but theyr're in every RPG so it doesn't matter that much.
MMORPG's and MMOBG and other online games i am playing right now:
Silkroad, DragonFable, Adventure Quest, Online Football Manager, Imperia Online, Tribal Wars, Knight Fight, Battle Knight, Fallen Sword, Call of Combat-.

Also have played:
Kal Online, Anarchy Online, Runescape, Rakion, Rubies of Eventide, Meneda, Xiaoyy(or something like that)
Don't listen to all these haters Saumrai, Runescape is an awsome game. I don't really play it much anymore because I have moved on to bigger and better MMORPG's... Go World of Warcraft /cheer Destromath PvP all the way !amazed But yeah I love MMORPG's but then again I <3 all tryped of games. Shooters, Drivivng games, RTS, FPS, RPG, you name it I have played it. Only kind of games im not really into is sports games :mad: They arent action-ey enough %-6