not sure what happen???


hugo maximus

well i know i would like to go at them again don't know about you guys but, we need all ego's and some eg's nest time not a team of e's we will just get kiled again
so hope we get another chance at this and we can put it right i nope :(
we had a scrim and bunnies was not told about it. ohhh some1 is going to be blinded over this. lol ok maybe not blinded. OK nothing at all is going to happen. But bunnies would like to be told if we are going to war. Ohh-Raw and SemperFi
What happened?? a scrim or sumthing??
XSV [or XVS I can't remember] members start coming in, wanting a scrim, the admins tell some of them that a scrim isn't happening, the other members start saying that they set up the scrim with JohnT, and an hour or so later JohnT and a couple other EGO members come in and sort it out,s tarting a warm up with the scrim, while the XSV people start complaining about when the actual scrim is going to start, and demand that a certain mani admin config be run, and that all randoms be kicked, and since neither of those two things happened they refused to play, so they all just stood in their spawn while half the =(e)='s and the two remaining randoms kept rushing all flags while the other team just let us win, then both EGO servers crashed.
it doesnt necesarily mean that if you wear an eg or ego tag that you are better than an =e= it just means you are admin/leader and all that good stuff

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