ok some peaple seem to be takin wering the =(e)= tag a bit to light heartedly,sooooo this thread is to remind u that if u put on the =(e)= tag u should know how to behave on our servers,as wereing the =(e)= means u have read and agreed to the rules.

the rules are put there to make the servers comfatuble places to play for all ages , and u e,s should be able to respect the rules as many peaple looking up 2 ,and are part of a large community

being in this clan should be fun and you should enjoy coming on the servers . if u dont enjoy playing then wot is the point . that is why the rules are in place to ensure we can try and make there stay at our servers a comfy as possable.

as to u =(e)= ,s looking for promotions to =(eG)=,s maturrity is a big factor in promotion, as well as many other things

remmber just be cool ,and there is always somone watching you lol ~:( !amazed !amazed

peace out
I'll try and expand a little on what Bane has said...

If you are considering becoming a part of =(e)= I highly recommend you play in the server a few days before you request the tag. Get a feel for our server first and make sure this is the clan for you. We’re more than happy to take you under our wing but it would be nice if you have some knowledge of how this community works before you come in.

As =(e)= you are expected to know the rules well and have good judgment when playing on the server. Being =(e)= does *not* mean you are given extra slack in the server if you do act up; it in fact is quite the opposite. =(e)= are expected to be representative of eGO as a whole. In other words, you should be trying to model your actions in the server after the other members in the clan.

While we do watch =(e)= more closely than regular players, we aren't sitting at our computers just waiting for someone to slip up. It's our job to make sure everyone has fun in this community ... not seeing how many people we can boot. We don't want to see anyone leaving the community because of repeated poor decisions in the server. If we notice you slipping up, please don't be offended by a warning. It's your chance to fix any problem that we are noticing and will bring you that much closer to becoming a full member if you can improve. After all, nobody’s perfect!

I urge all =(e)= to play as they normally would before they put on their tag. While the tag comes with an added responsibility, I dislike seeing new members go out of their way to be particularly showy with their tag. Do not let your tag become a mask.

Your chances of being noticed will increase tenfold if you are able to act naturally and mature around other players with the increased responsibility you have as an =(e)= member. Remember, we're not here to see how many people we can ban. Similarly, if higher ranking members in the clan are online, please allow them to carry out administration decisions without interruption. While extra help in the server is nice, it doesn’t look too great when someone is asked to stop doing something by 5 different people or decisions are questioned!

Always have fun in the server and always keep in mind people are looking up to you even as an =(e)=. If you have any questions about being an =(e)= member please feel free to ask here or in a private message to a clan member. I’m looking forward to seeing some new faces to bolster this already awesome community!
i mean even though i understand that the =(e)= something that is kinda easily earned, it should be a little harder to get. because what your asking is sorta much if you allow just about anyone to get the =(e)=. like i think there should just be like a 2 or 3 day where the admins or the =(eG)='s watch you and see what your are like and then they give you the tag. thats just what i think, but thanks anyways for clearing up what was unclear.
Well said guys. remember we are watching and are looking for those that follow the rules and those that encourge others to follow the rules.

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