if u have diffucty in understanding wot i have said (as many of u do )lol plz go to
for many answers lol tis a mint site


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Thanks for this, Bane! I love this stuff, I laughed at the ones that deal with birds :)

I grew up with English slang, having loved to watch: On the Buses, The Goodies, Eric Sykes, Monty Python and many more...

...and of course the BEST are: Are You Being Served and Keeping Up Appearances that have been on Canadian and US television for over 10 years.

I also have amassed (via Bearshare of course) a huge collection of Tony Hancock comedy mp3's (bout 111 - 957 megs worth) and loaded on my mp3 player and enjoy giving them a listen once in a while.
ya ill go chek that out cause i also want to go to england and scotland and hav a look around and stuf caus i rlly like to travel.does scotland hav the same slang as england cause i had some friends that moved to scotland for a wile and they kno alot of slang.
scot r crazy lol if u come england make sure u come stoke on trent and we will meet up wilol be cool
ok a riddle for u all 1-adam-12 u are banned from this lol

wot doues this mean in american english?

shut ur boat race, me old gardrn gate, you wiil end up doin bird or worse brown bread.