SAT And College Stress

wel im a sophmore in high school so ive been only taking the practice ACT (louisiana likes to be unique cause we also hav a grading scale that does not make any sense) and i can tel u that ther rlly isnt anything u can studying cause they put alot of random stuf on those test. some ppl may be diferent but i jus not wrry about til the day actualy comes. 8)
The SAT is a test about logic and reasoning test. Im about to take mine in January. You should usually take it in the winter (Dec, Jan) since many people arent goin to take it during that time. I heard the SAT is graded on a curve depending on how many people are present but im not sure.
Don't stress it. I didn't take any classes on the SAT and scored in the 85th percentile. I'm sure my score would have improved with classes but I got accepted at a great school so SATs don't really matter anymore. Just a word of advice I'd suggest not posting your scores once you get them. Keep them to yourself and retake the test if you feel you need to. Remember: while the SAT is important it's not the only deciding factor for college.
Ahhhh SATs... I got an 1100 ish, cant remember exactly, but its a decent score. The best way to study for the SATs is to know your strengths and weaknesses. If you are good in math, but horrible in critical reading (which is me), I focused mainly on vocab and reading comprehension. Best way is to ask your English teacher for a packet of prefix's and suffix's, and learn them. If you are struggling in Math, ask your teacher for tips for doing basic Algebra, and make sure you understand word problems. If you got any questions, just ask me on xfire.
well as much as you think that the sats dont matter, they do if you have nothing else except for academics. like if you are a balanced person i dont it will matter as much. but the thing is just to chill on when studying and like listen to music. it helps you remember for some reason. and remember academics are not everything that a college or university looks at. they look at sports, community service and leadership.
the education system here in the uk ,from wot i can gather is completly diffrent to the usa way ................. lol im a poet and i didnt even know it :p
I am a sophmore and my mom ( the $&*@) is making me take practice SAT AND ACT tests every saturday for 4 weeks for 4 1/2 hhours. I dont even know what some of the questions where asking! Also at my school ( college prep) we as freshman, take a practice practice SAT ( reduntant I know) then this year as soph, we take the practice SAT

I got a headache from that SAT practice that feels like someone drove my head over with a tank and back up over and did it again
even tho im only in eigth grade, my school gives us a chance to take the SAT, and my dad usually makes me do some practice book by teh creators of teh SAT
If you guys are goin to get SAT help books, dont get the ones made by collegeboard. Eventhough they make the SAT's, they wont give you all the tips and pointers needed to pass since they want you to fail and take the test over again. I suggest Princeton Review, they have on of the hardest and accurate practice SAT books out there. HAVE FUN! :) (BTW im doin this crap to :( )

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