i prbly wont be playing dod much for the next... um 8 months

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this is because school is coming around tomorow :( this sucks a lot since our summer was cut short by at least 2 weeks for some wierd reason.. well anyways if im not on xfire for a long time, dont think i died or something (actually i might die from homework). eh.. well catch u guys later and hope to see u on the server during my rare playing times
Your 13, how hard could your classes be. JK. I also take school very seriosly and plan on being an electrical or chemical engineer some day.
korean families LOVE to make their children double check their homework :D.... and it is gonna be hard cuz i pretty much forgot everything i learned in school from playin too much dods. so im prbly gonna have to learn everything over again :(
School comes first toothpaste. We'll be here for you when you get a break.
School is comin up pretty fast for me to, I know what your goin through. Well I will be lookin for ya on the server, hope to catch ya online from time to time.
Yes guyz study very hard make school your number 1 priority. Gaming is for down time. I wish i had spent more time in school and less time on miniskirts. I would be in a better position today. DoD will be here when you got time.
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