secksie me ;p

sorry the pic is so small, I couldnt find the larger version because our website is under maintence for a week starting today :(
Psh paintball Im all about airsoft man... We have cooler guns ^-^ I have a fully automatic AK-47 with a 3,000 round mag (Yes 3000) firing at a rate of 42 bullets a second and shooting them at 520 fps.... And my buddy has a M-16 with a M-206 grenade launcher on the bottom that fires either 250 shots at once or fires a nerf football about 100 yards o-o Beat that :D:D
wow such....wussies ( ill use this because of "little ears" hehe, it doesn't hurt that much. airsoft is not nearly as much a rush as paintball. As for firepower, I shoot 22 shots a second and a guy on my team has a m203 GL that can shoot .53 cal paintballs ( 40 per shot) or a multi paintball shot in a cardboard sabot. As for artilliry, the field has howitzers that can shoot nerf rockets ( indirect fire for scenario games, i.e. kill within 200 feet of impact) or can shoot 500 paintballs over 1000 feet away with a blast radius saturating a 85 ft. circle radius.

as for actual games, I love my homefield ( if u want too see pics, click gallery on left side) and the games are usually 100+
lol It's not that I'm afraid to play paintball it just looks painful.. and I'm not really interested in playing anyway... I'd rather mount a horse or ride a dirtbike