#1 Weapon


whats ur best weapon and how many kills have u had with it.

mine is the axis mg-42 i killed 256 and died 73 times. ;)
My best ones (I picked some which weren't on my best 5):
Allied Mg: 137-11
Axis support: 82-47
Allied support: 57-32
Axis mg: 50-13
Axis pistol: 31-9
Allied pistol: 18-9
Bane: That's the scoped K98, IIRC :)

My favorite weapon is the M1 carbine. Although according to my stats page, the springfield is my best one, with a slightly lower s:k ratio on the scoped K98. I usually do pretty well when I manage to grab the M1 carbine, though, I just don't get it often since there's only 1 slot.
It depends what im feeling like that day, most days I just rush with the thompson and blow ppl away... I don't even know how many kills I have with that thing overall.... I would say in the thousands.... Now if your talking about BF2 (Battlefield 2) I can give you some good numbers thanks to www.bf2s.com... My post played kit is medic coming in at 65:02:08 (Hrs:mins:secs) with 2,878 kills and 2,906 deaths with a K:D ratio of 0.9904... I like to rush what can I say :D my total online time in BF2 is 99:14:42 with 4,610 total kills and 4,758 total deaths... :D wewt Oh yeah and I have 162 kills and 42 deaths with a knife coming in at a K:D ratio of 3.8571... Il shank yas :D
well im good with two weapons.

MG: highest score with it was 34 kills, 2 deaths

assault: 121 kills, 68 deaths
idk what my best would be.
but my favorites are the b.a.r and the stg44
then the kar and garand
and then snipers-when they become available. :mad:
This is funny,
allied_sniper 2,229 /795
axis_sniper 2,182 /737

The stats are outdated tho, that was when I was ranked 5.
i say the panzerchreck i went 127kills and 62 deaths(this was the first day i played this game)(before i was eGO)

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