[poll] New Server New Faces Tons Of FUN!!!!!

GameDemon [DAM]

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The addition of the donner server i never saw it coming but its awsome having a little change in my life lol since joining ego i havnt played in another dod server since lol and the new faces theres so many! im getting confused LOL!
I can't touch the stuff in the recruitment thread. Hopefully a council member will take care of it for you Bane, hope I can serve you better in the future ;)

It appears the good people from council have heard your pleas Bane :p
Well to answer the poll... I think whatever Hugo (flash) decides is a decision that he is making because in his eyes it makes sense to him... He is a smart guy and i am OK on whatever he does...
lol one shot your right but i miss hugo lol and sorry bane i want paying attention when i posted it it should have been here in the general