Spelling. This forum DOES have SPELL CHECK. Use it !!


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Just a note to anyone that is "spelling challenged".... whenever you enter text in the forums, you will be typing in a black text box. There is automatic spell-checking and any misspelled word will be underlined in red. Right click on the underlined word and you will find the correct spelling.

I'm posting this to try to relieve the headaches and watery eyes resulting from going through messages with very sad spelling. If you know you have a problem, please use it and give the rest of us a break. You may not think it isn't much, but it is!
ir a r hello the my young chums ,i suspect this thread is aimed at me lol so i will try and use it , but there seems to be a problem i can not find it :( chickin chickin onomatapia c spelt wrong i know but no underlining ,maybe tis cause i am useing mozzila firefox . if some one could help me with this problem i would be grateful thanks and peace out
Banes' threads always make me laugh. Even when he's being serious! Gotta love him.
Bane, this thread is not aimed at anyone in particular. BTW, I use firefox as well, it should show any errors. For instance as I type "Firefox", it is underlined as an error.
Try going in Google and typing in Microsoft updates... Then download the Internet update onto your computer... This update will give you a spell check in the tool box above the site... I use it all the time...
There are plenty of 'tools' for what ever you use to explore the internet with, firefox and ie to name two big ones. I do know other forums have spell checkers, that's why I was curious to see if my settings were turned off. What I don't need to see is anymore posts reiterating the first no red line post said. The clarification on the red line has already gathered enough evidence and support. I use one spell checker on ie, but I've got to click on it manually to check for errors. Got it a month or so ago, normally I'd like to copy and paste between ms word. Does it matter if words are spelled wrong, sometimes. Can we get the point, usually. Is it courteous and respectful to check for errors or proof read, I wouldn't say no. Does it say something about your character, at times it might.
I was unaware that we have one here. Even now that you mention it, I'm unable to find it.

It is automatic....as I type this and enter " asd;lfkjasdf " it is underlined in red. Anyway, I'm not going to belabor the point, I was just mentioning it existed, in case anyone wanted to avail themselves of the service.
Firefox has a built in spell checker. It doesn't have anything to do with the forum. Anyways, Firefox is about 999999999x times better than Internet Explorer, so use it instead! :) I know it is not an add-on because I only have All-In-One Gestures, a download accelerator, and Talkback on the list. So Firefox does it automatically.