ok so my p;ing has being getting hogher and higer on the servers recently, so as result of this and many other small probs i am going to format,this is a big job cause there is somany files i hve to back up :( so i will be able to come on the forams and spam 4 bit lol, but playing is out of the question . i have started backing up my files now so if all goes well i will be back tomorrow and friday latest so peace out all for 24 hours
hey bane if it improves man put a post on the tech forums because i would like to know and i might just have to do the same thing.
Comcast has been great for me for about 4 months.. giving me an average ping of 54.. Just the other day though, it went back to it's original state: Work slow, work slower, disconnect, reconnect, stop working for 32 hours, reconnect, work fast for 5 minutes, work slow, work slower, disconnect, reconnect, stop working for 32 hours. Gah. My ping in games is usually decent, but sometimes it shoots right up into the 600's.
I dont store important files on my computers at all... so system restore ( Ctrl and f11 when you turn on the computer) works for me... also privacy eraser gets rid of all the unwanted junk such at temp files and such! Close you anti-virus program if you hadn't thought of that.
well atleast you guys can get dsl/cable my town only offers 56K or satellite (laggier in my opinion) and i'd love to have ping at 130 for just a day....

i live in a small town in oregon on the coast go figure...