you dont have to list it if ur embarrassed, but if your not you can list your hero here in this thread. mine are john bonham(drummer for led zeppelin) and tommy lee(of course everyone should know this guy cause of a certain video but many dont know, unless u lived in the 80s, that he is the drummer for Motley Crue). the reason i listed them is cause i am a drummer and i like them alot.


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Hmmm... I would have to say... Jack Black... He is a heavy guy yet he does whatever he wants and does it with style... Also makes a lot of laughs...
Jhonen Vasquez [Awesome comic artist.. Inspired some of the humour in my comics]
Salvidor Dahli [Crazy surreal artist.. love his work, inspired some of my drawings]
Syd Barret [The original head of Pink Floyd... went crazy but still a rather interesting person... and his work in the music biz was awesome while it lasted..]
Akira Yamaoka [This man is living proof that video game sound tracks can be just as creepy and eerily beautiful as anything any real world artist has ever composed]
Don Hertzefldt [Took dark and surreal humour, threw them together and brought out the best of each, apparently I'm not the only one who thought this, Adult swims 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force (One of my favourite TV shows) was inspired by it, and the episode Broodwich was a tribute to his style.]
u should all worship me oh yes !!!!!! lol


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HaHa! Nice... :p


I would say people on a daily basis who are there for you and do things to help you out... (thank you to those people) those are my heros.


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wow talk about bringing back the dead! lol!

my hero is the punisher. he doesnt have any weird super powers, he is just a normal guy with a bad attitude getting even. i have a 6" punisher skull colored in on my right forearm.