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ok im sorry advisors for bring ning this up but i figured this would be a good place to post lol

Is there anyone sellling a World of Warcraft account? With characters? im tired of mine and wanting to buy a new one. PM me if you are, or know sumone who is.

or just post, w/e.

thanks guys †Matrix†
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WoW is a game a lot of people enjoy, or play because they're addicted or have nothing else to do... More importantly rather, than offering nothing but cruel uncalled for criticism(and easily debately for being biased) I'll ask why don't you just buy the expansion and make a blood elf or d....... something depending on side played? If you don't feel like making a full fledged lvl 70 blood elf, just get one to 29 and play in ab or wsg. It takes less than a week of a 4-5 hours a day to get that.
shanks if u cannot express ur opinion a bit more detailed i think u should keep it to ur self.

why does wow suck and wot is it a rip of of,please rember there is a lot of peaple play WoW on theese fourms ,please dont upset them.
..ok can someone answer my question without being negitive about it? i just want to know. i have 3 60's and am bored of them.
i play like get over it lol
While we're in the subject of business.. does anyone have any electric guitars/bass for sell? : p

....zomg lol
Dye, the negative comment has already been removed. It's seriously a suggestion, go buy BC next tuesday and make a new character. I doubt anyone would sell an account for less than 75 or 100$ if they had a 60 anyways. I also assume that anyone who has read this thread would have posted if they knew someone. Instead some of us I guess made the mistake trying to back you up or help in other ways.
Instead some of us I guess made the mistake trying to back you up or help in other ways.

lol chill bro. haha, i want to sell sumthin before BC ruins my epics and twinks /cry
ya i did quit but i just saw this message and had to replay. and it sucks because haveing to pay for the gam eand then to pay a $13 a month fee is a rip off. u play like 50 for the game and u pay for ur internet service provider alrdy so adding another fee is almost liek paying for you internet twice.
20 bucks plus monthly. Under that logic shanks, dod isn't free because I've got to pay 40 bucks a month for broadband to play it. DoD = Ripoff. Then you figure a movie costs 7 or 8 bucks for the ticket alone, two movies cost 15 for the sake of the argument. We have 4 hours vs 24/7, if you go to the movies you get ripped off. When you're ready to think about things legitimately come back. If you don't want to pay, that's fine. It's not a rip off. Cable shouldn't be included because it's used as a general medium for everything not just games. You pay for the game with the initial fee. Updates, expansions, and customer service in game and out of game is more extensive where you pay monthly. You get what you pay for, buy bye.
You'll see that threads here are hijacked often. I could say some of the things that have happened in the past, but I fear they'd come for this thread as well. It wasn't a complete stretch though for one person to just add another wtb thing to a thread :p
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