ME ez think

Just as a side note--one of the reasons I joined eGO is that it's a mainly social thing with cool people and I'm not required to show up to practices/matches when I don't feel like playing. So, if eGO starts getting into scrims, leagues, etc, I'd just like to say that I don't want to see this aspect change and be expected to show up to scheduled practices, matches, etc.

As a voluntary participation thing, though, I say go for it :)
Yeah, that stuff can be fun, but I don't want it to become a routine. I know some people may think differently though, after the servers crashed a lot of =(e)='s and even a few =(eG)= and =(eGO)= started saying the reason they joined the clan was to scrim..
well scrimming is not everything

this clan is based on haveing a good comunity without presures of having to come on our servers and play at ur best.
there is always diffences of skill thoughout the clan , i for one am not the best ego player but i am trusted enough that i am able to were the ego tag.t if we start recruting on the baseis of skill and not maturety, online time and many other aspects , i am sure we would not have the same amount of great and cool peaple in this clan.

i think if we join a scrimm leage this would build tentions in the clan. i enjoy playing and being part of this clan to start worrying about how i am playing , i come on the servers to have fun not to get ultra competitive with peaple
I think TWL may have another 11 v 11 ladder :p I tried that with my Css clan, they owned but no maturity when it came to listening to rules and plans and well thats a long story... back to topic.

Ill check the TWL website (I think) and see if they have anything
hmmm, what if it were like the last time we tried to scrim though. No one would show up, and the times would be all screwy !sad .. i love the idea of it, i just dont want to hurt our server rank ha