Firewall bypasses.


Ok i need help getting past my firewall at school. and just incase there is confusion i live at my school. i would really like this so i could play on the server more ofter. so if anyone could get my a bypass that would be really cool.
Can you give us more information on what type of firewall the school has? Does it just block everything that doesn't go out through its http proxy?

As a general bypass, you can set up an ssh tunnel. Or, if you have a proxy like the one described above, an http tunnel ought to do just fine. My biggest concern here, though, is that it might falsely trigger VAC to action...

Keep in mind that bypassing is probably against your school's rules. This could land you in hot water. Not that I ever cared, though ;)
good point about the VAC thing though. its ok i guess, i will just play over the breaks and stuff. oh well.
and one more thing, unless you are in college and are trying to play off of schools desktops, you arnt going to have enough time to download source in the first place lol

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