DoD:S Movie

Hey whats up every1 im making a DoD:S movie, ill be posting it on the forum soon, so watch out for it! If you got any kinda clips that you have made in the past or some dude got owned in it pretty bad, send it to me it would be appreciated, (dod:s only)
chirstian, i'm rather excited to play with you, sniper vs sniper. Seems to me that you have high hopes for yourself alot :D
Haha Dye... that's exactly what you'll be doing when you try to snipe against me LOL! Anytime!!! haha that would be sweet.. love sniping.!!!!

P.S Try to spell my name right next time.. with capital C too hahahaha Jk DUDE :p

that is bunnies getting pwned by circeo... :p
i remember making dod movies. i would spend alot of time on them, and right when i was about to finish, my dad would delete all the video files because it took up way to much room. i was mad ~:( and kinda sad too, cause i had some really good footage :(( good luck with the movie, cant wait to see it.