Troubles, temporary absence.


So, about two days ago my video card kicked. Still usually works for the windows desktop and things like web browsing, but every time I try to do something that uses DX in any way it scrambles. Heck, sometimes it does it in the BIOS and startup. While I'm having a replacement shipped to me, I don't expect to get it before, at the earliest, tuesday (MLK and all that)... so I won't be around on any of the servers for a few days.

Someone cover a teammate and shoot some people for me :)
I have a radeon x1300 pci-e for sale.. retail is $$130 tops ill sell it for $50

Hahah, I'm still using AGP. My card is fairly old, but I can still get 20-60 FPS outta dod when I tweak it right, the 20 coming from scenes with lots of people, shooting, and explosions :p
type net_graph 3 in consol
ahhhhh...that how. i used to remember but forgot one day and wasnt showing anymore. now i use it again. !amazed

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