Cant play dods for a while


EGO Is My Life!
My crappy Gcard is about to fry and it cant handle 2 min of dods and stays under 10 fps. I can still play older, non graphical-ly good games, such as TFC and Cs 1.6 or CoD. I am looking into getting a dx10 card when ati releaes theirs because my nvidia 5950 is going to fry!

so dont think I left ya guys, ill be still going to the forums, just wont see me in game as much for a few weeks.

ya, welll I can still play the orginal dod :)

for graphics, its wierd, I took screenshots and instead of saving in the normal jpeg, it saved in TGA files, and I cant read them for some reason, otherwise I would post them
Ha no... Just takes a long time to enter a server... Lagging happens too when drunken sailor pierces my face with a rocket..............

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