I noticed there was a previous forum regarding myspace.. but you must really look to find it.. so I don't think it's such a big deal I made another thread.. I'm really looking forward to get to know you guys better... that's why i made a myspace.. because a lot of people have it and it's a great way to get to know eachother.. AIM is getting old! lol and please add me to your Xfire if you read this ..

Xfire: UseYoNoggin
AIM: UseYoNoggin

well, sorry, but you though wrong lol. If we have new members here, and you want tp share your myspace, then post it on this thread below, there are already 3 pages and will be more useful then this !lol
just need to get use to the way we think bud

thanks 8)


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YEEAAAHHH RIIIIIIIGHHTTTT.. It was on page 9 go figure.. I wonder how long it took you to find that when you read this poll and decided to make me loook stooooppiddd LOL... well anyway I didn't know that thread existed until Jones told me about it and that was hours after I posted this thread.. if I would've known I wouldn't have made this thread... USEYONOGGIN