Games crashing Vista left and right

Just about every game I try to run [Save for DODS and The Movies] freezes permanently in Vista ultimate edition 30 seconds-3 minutes in. I have 1059 mb of ram but for some reason when I'm not running ANYTHING at all except maybe Firefox it says I only have 24 mb of free physical memory. What the heck!? I'm hoping theres a solution besides downgrading to Windows XP again, cause I like Vista....
259.00 for Ultimate Upgrade. I think the full [non-upgrade] is about 350$ :-\ Very pricey, I know. I managed to land a good deal though, a friend of mine bought it but found out his computer wasn't quite ready for Vista so he sold it to me for just 90$, so I guess I got lucky...
have you tried to disable some of the features in vista?... by going to system properties -> Advanced -> performance tab (if they kept it the same from xp). Try disabling the translucent windows and stuff like that... that might help your system a little
Ewww Vista.... Firstly I would switch right back to XP if it is screwing with your games. Secondly if you absolutly need Vista for some feature or another (which I doubt) set up a duel (wrong spelling I know) boot if you have the ability/knowladge, and thirdly Vista is a HUGE system hog, it encrypts everything between just about every device, aside from helping against pirating content *cough* yuck *cough* it will make your computer slow... slow... s...l...o...w............. personly I don't think I am ever going to switch to Vista, and if I absolutly have to, it won't be untill at least Sevice Pack 2, it took them that long to get XP even useable and with the worse ness of Vista I think it will be even longer. Just my two cents... but with inflation and all... it turns out to be about $50... damn, i could have bought another videogame to play with that...
I've been running Vista since Beta 1 and am currently running Beta 2 with absolutely no problems. I've played UT2k4 and all my source games without any trouble. I have heard that somewhere between Beta 2 and and the actual release some memory problems surfaced, but I haven't found any concrete evidence of this (just rumors).

I would check and make sure all your drivers are up to date - especially your chipset drivers seeing that this appears to be a memory leak.

Also, not to question the legality of your copy, but is it a legit retail disk? I know there are a lot of people out there trying to sell RC1 as if it was a retail copy....Check the version and make sure it isn't a RC or Beta copy.

Another note - if anyone is looking at upgrading to Vista save yourself some money and get Home Premium rather than Ultimate. Everyone thinks they need Ultimate because "It's the best", but in actuality the only features Ultimate adds over Home Premium is BitLocker Drive Encryption and the ability to join a domain (it also adds some business class backup features, but again, not something a home or even power user will utilize). I doubt the average user needs to encrypt their entire drive and few people run an AD domain in their home (well...I do :) )
I can assure you as someone who is MS certified and works in the field that Vista is no where near as bas as people make it out to be. Try it out for yourself and see - Beta and RC's are still good until June 1st I believe.

I will admit that there are few features in Vista that warrant an upgrade. However, if you have a free or cheap upgrade option - I'd go for it. Personally the Vista Media Center is the only reason I would upgrade at this point. I DO recommend Vista for non-computer literate people though because out of the box it keeps grandma from installing virus.exe unless she really goes out of her way to do it. Granted, all these safeguards can be turned off...but it still helps.
Save yourself some cash - unless you need 64bit support (Ultimate includes 32 and 64bit edition), bit locker drive encryption and the ability to join a Windows domain Home Premium is all you need. Here is comparison of the different version (please not the some of the prices are not correct, those are older prices):


Features like Volume Shadow Copy, BitLocker drive encryption (which you can't use without a key server or hardware key anyway), and the other features not offered in Home Premium are seldom (if ever) used by non-business/enterprise users. Save yourself $100 or more buddy :)

Yeah I bought the Ultimate Vista upgrade from Costco $237.99 on Tuesday. Since then, problems galore. Nice to have directx10 but nothing supports it. My comp froze left and right and it was built weeks ago. I since formated my hd and reinstalled XP Professional and of course all the software including Steam/DOD. Man this was fustrating as I spent days trying to tweak it and stuff. The Vista box will stay in my desk until several months or "Vista upgraded" updates are available for everything.

Oh yeah the maximum ram Vista supports is 3.35 gigs on my comp. I returned the 2 gigs I bought and it still ran the same. You can use a usb mem stick or memory card like SD or Compflash as "readyboost" for additional ram. I'd say get 2 gigs of ram and then a 2 gig usb mem stick. Just make sure your usb mem stick is "readyboost ready". Slow ones don't work and only the fast or newer versions work as this function.
well vista is a waste of time for now. No matter what OS windows releases, i wait 2 yrs before buying it. They never work out all the bugs when they first release it!