Global Warming

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Well as you probably all know there have been a number of people who have been taking notice to the melting of the polar ice caps in the far north. I wanted to talk about this on both sides of the spectrum and why you think that there is global warming or if there isnt.

Here is my idea about that subject.

I think global warming is an overstretched idea of global doom from insanely high temperatures. So to make a long story short i think that a group of , what i call, enviromentalterrorists are the ones who created this idea from what we call a hockey stick graph. So if you know what a hockey stick is, you can imagine what i am talking about, and if not, here is the explanation. A Hockey stick graph in this case is were the temperature of the earth is "normal" and the second there is a little fluctuation or quirk in the temperatures, it is immediately thought that the temperatures will continue to rise.

I am completely against this idea because also because i live in two places. Montreal, Quebec and Anaheim, California. In Montreal the temperatures are unbelievably high for the season and if it were only for this i would believe in global warming. But i also live in Cali. My dad sent me a picture of ice on the sidewalk and he told me that it was -30 farenheit in the morning.

So we can say what we want but weather is what we call chaotic. As much as we cannot tell for sure what weather is from day to day, we sure as hell cannont really predict what it will be in 10 years or even 100. Its like weather "predictions", they are called that for a reason, because we dont know 100 percent what it will be. So the weather could be back to what it was for the last 50 years and for all we know or it could even start getting colder. So what will we say now, "blame it on pollution and car emissions"? i think not.

So all in all i want to hear all your ideas about the topic and i hope i can get some strong arguements from both sides.
the warmth has been increasing around here, especially during the winter for where i live, which is wisconsin. but, last night, it snowed for the third time this winter. when i was little, snow was everyday pretty much. december was in the 40's most of the time.
I'm not an expert on global warming theories, nor am I completely against the idea. I will say however, that you've given us no proof or evidence Samurai. If you would like to compile the averages for each day for the past 50 or 100 years and show us that the averages are chaotic, then I'd give credit to your theory. I believe that the global warming sect has the averages on their side, whether or not it's a natural phenomena or an affect of man.

However, even a few degrees worth of change is significant on a global level. That's the problem of global warming. It's been a very very warm winter in Texas, however tonight there's actually warnings about ice on the roads. FYI, around Houston that's not normal = people don't know how to drive with ice = retarded pileups. However, just because of a normal weather pattern of a front I'm not going to say that it's not a warm winter right now.
have any of you guys seen an inconvienant truth? i really liked it. it was pretty creepy too. at least i think.
I think Global Warming is real, since wise people say so :)
And it is true, since it just is, there is no point about arguing over a topic that can't really be denied. For instance here in Finland it was warmer than almost ever in winter, temperature at lowest was about 0 celcius, usually atleast -15 and there was no snow almost at all, only wet snow, nothing fun to do, no skating or skiing :(
ok well if your going to say that finland has been colder than ever you also have to take in consideration that denver, and california (and probably more that i dont know about), have had some of the coldest winters ever.

See this is what bugs me about people too. Like you cannot base a whole arguement about some thing that would have such an impact, on what wise people say. So what, what if the wise people say the apocalypse is coming, should be believe that too? People who believe about global warming also take most of their information from the media, that is also controlled by these enviromental terrorists. I dunno i dont believe it still.
Ignore my post*sighs*. You haven't shown us anything yet, and yet you want us to go ahead and accept the fact that we're be swayed by terrorists to believe in global warming. Everyone just keeps saying what this year is like as well, or mumbling something about cold winters. There are fluke years, months and weather conditions. That's why you base things on yearly averages and compare them against other years. If the trend is that the averages rise then it's a problem, which I believe they have been for quite some time.

Also Samurai, when a person with considerable knowledge in the a specialized field says something most people will go ahead and give them credit. One man doesn't have the time to learn everything about anything so he doesn't have to listen to someone else's opinion. If a 'wise' person said the apoc was coming, they'd probably have some kind of proof to show you as well. Unlike prophets, the wise men have to figure things out for themselves :p Also if you really think the media is controlled by environmental terrorists, then you really ought to look at who controls the media and what a lot of those corporations' policies are.
I've done extensive research on the subject before. I'd say it exists.

Will it be catastrophic? Is it a natural process or caused by man? I won't take a position there. But it exists. And it COULD have some rather serious implications. Could, not will. If you like, Samurai, I can dig up some of my old sources on the subject. Alternatively, hit up google and do your own research (As in, look at data and what we know of how the Earth's system works, not people's opinions on it).
Noyade man, chill out dude. Im not accusing you of anything. I will find your statistics, but as you maybe can guess, i am a little preoccupied by school. I will find your statistics as soon as possible.
not that i totally agree with wut samuri is talking about. but considering that its cold enough here that it could snow, i hav reconsidered my thinking on global warming. AND I LIVE IN NEW ORLEANS
I think the earth goes from cold to warm and back to cold in cycles. I wont deny that humans havent had an influence on it by CO2 emissions, but I think its a little hasty to scream doom and gloom. I mean what do ppl think thawed the earth out during the ice ages? I was looking at old Time magazine covers online and found one from the 50's talking about global cooling in the same capacity as they are talking about global warming now. Besides a lot of ppl who tout the global warming stuff are pushing a political agenda anyway and most of what I see in film looks like opinions and speculation. Remember what the "experts" said about the ozone layer in the 80's and 90's and how the hole was going to let the sun fry us and melt the polar ice caps and flood the world? Maybe it will happen and maybe it wont but im very wary of believing any of that stuff unless I get proof.
What i think is the funny part is that all of the enviroment people are saying that we're destroying our ozone layer and killing ourselfs... Then they say that the new hybrid cars make too much ozone and that kills us aswell... ??? lol
OneShot, most environmentalists are whackjobs. Unfortunately, they ruin it for those of us who are moderately concerned about protecting the environment, but aren't fanatical and paranoid about it to the point where we reject even clean energy sources. (Brownie points to anyone who gets the reference.)
My math teacher did a paper on global warming and it made some points that are different from Al Gore and other poeple. My teacher says that people are very miniscule to the global warming problem, that we are nothing compared to other elements. Such as the sun, bacteria, and gas emission from the earth. Im not sure this is wat his whole paper is on but he gave a brief summary.
Ha Dan... Yea Al Gore needs therophy... And true winterfall... I mean look at Al Gore... Im just saying what i read in a paper once... BTW It's SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!again...
lol...hate al gore too. Its really interesting what some of you say How there are a lot of whacky environmentalists (who knew?) that ruin it for the normal conserved people who are just in sake of protecting the environment. I respect those people(conserved people) and their ideas. But there are a lot of theories for and against, so before we can say death and doom we have to consider the chance that maybe we are overdramaticizing this scenario. And "The druken Sailor" i like what you are saying too.

This is for noyade - Hey dude do you know that in a lot of cases agriculture accounts for most of the emissions of greenhouse gases. (sorry to be crude) But when cows fart they produce the gas called methane(a greenhouse gas) In this case what would you do, stop agriculture for the rise in temperature of 1 degree Celsius.
There will always be theories for and against things, it's your job to consider which are viable and which are not. That doesn't mean which go along with your ideology though.

In reply to cows farting, there is a level the earth can deal with. This is natural, we didn't create all the gases out there. However, if you want me to believe that farts have a significant impact on the overall emissions of the world you'd first have to give me an average of methane emission from one cow and then give me the speculated cow population. You say a lot of cases, there should only be one case as well. That's the general overview. I somehow don't believe that agriculture is the top, or even in the top 3 for producing harmful emissions. If you have real life data, even just a link, I'll gladly accept it and look for myself.

What I do know is when I drive in Houston, not only am I being smogged out by the car in front of me with visible emissions that stink to the heavens but we've got chemical and oil plants that like to blow every few years in Pasadena and the surrounding area(let alone just emitting gasses).

I'm also not freaking out. It's just that if you want to present your case a legitimate topic allowing for debate or for thought, then you better be ready to defend it. Real world problems and applications will have supporters and detractors always, I just want to make sure that it's presented in a logical way. When you present 'your' theories with no evidence on a real topic, it comes up short.
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