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I recently replaced a 4+ year old system to a CD E6600, 8800 GTS, and 2 Gigs of RAM. I am thinking about filling in the 2 empty slots in the mb for a total of 4 Gigs. Anyone know 4 Gigs would actually make a diffrence in playing DOD or just a waste of money? Thanks. :D
You can never have too much RAM, however I don't think jumping to 4 will make much of a difference. When I went from 1gb to 2gb I didn't notice any difference with gaming. Benchmarks scored a couple points higher, but that was about it. The extra mem is nice for graphics work however - but again, didn't notice any difference in gaming.

Sexy system BTW! !lol What mobo did you go with?
Jeffwa my motherboard is an Intel D975xbx2. I will overclock my cpu, vid, and mem later this year or next. I don't think I need to do anytime soonl.
yea i hav haf a gig and evrything i do is fine. no lag at all. now wen i play oblivion i hav alot of lag but thats cause i hav a rlly sucky graphics card !sad !sad !sad
Most things today will run perfectly find with 1 gig. As mentioned earlier, the more ram will only help you score higher on benchmarks. The only way to see a visible improvement on the ram with the amount you have would be to get ram with lower clock speeds.
i have 1 gig n i still only get like 30 fps during firefights is it because of my cpu or graphics card?
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The only way to see a visible improvement on the ram with the amount you have would be to get ram with lower clock speeds.

... umm... Huh? lower clock speeds get you better performence? since when? I think that was a typo. but any how, 1 gig is pleanty enough, unless you are trying to run 3 IM programs, have steam windows open and have Firfox running in the background while you play more won't have much differnce.
I think he meant lower latency memory. Lower latency memory will help, although I'm skeptical of how much of an actual improvement you'd see. I will say that the difference between "bargain" RAM and lower latency RAM is noticable.

Higher clock rates will DEFINITELY help. This seems like a silly thing to mention these days, but dual channel memory will make a world of difference to. Personally I'd sacrifice quantity for speed - if you're not running the fastest RAM your setup will handle, upgrade to what the setup can handle rather than adding more memory. Get the fastest RAM (clock) that you can get and something with reasonably low latency. Just my opinion though, do what's right for you man!
If you had 4 gigs, you would be able to listen to music, while browsing the web, drawing a picture in photoshop, and probably more while playing DOD:S :)
That is WAY to much RAM. The average high-end gamer rig these days has 2gigs and will have 2gigs for quite some time. 1gb is even enough RAM to play games these days, just not as well as with 2gb.
For DOD: s and other Source games 1gig is fine but it's the minimum any gaming rig should have these days,i'm going for 2gigs next month but for now i'm good with 1gig.
Don't worry about the expensive RAM if you're buying it. The lower timings make a marginal (1-2%) performance increase but you're going to end up paying 50-100$ more on a gig or two. Go for the quantity.

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