Fire Bringer

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I have thanked him many times.. For me it was like the triumphant moment in Cast Away when Tom Hanks makes fire.

My overpriced Internet connection = $45.00
Kendle's time adding mod = Over 1 Week
Watching people burn when they try to exploit..... Priceless!!

ROFLMAO Nice brit. And yeah I have thanked kendle for the fire, but not enough. With no exploits games are more fair and it makes my job easier. THANKS KENDLE
Burned to death leaving the axis base the first time while I wasn't paying attention !grr , but at the end of the day it's definitely a plus to have.
awwwww thanks.... Now to replace the middle statue with a Bud Light neon light. :p
Last night I was axis and stormed the hotel at the fire exploit. I came in guns blazing and 2 allies in a prone position at door got up and back pedaled right into fire and died while firing wildly in the air... !lol I cryed I was laughing so hard.
Yeah I walk into the fire alot when im leaving Wehrmacht base cause im not really paying attention. My suicides is going through the roof, but I have to say a couple extra suicides is worth not having people exploit bases. Thanks again Kendle :D
The fire bringer has brought us more fire.. ALOT MORE FIRE :O Be scared, be very scared :((


Thanks for bringing the fire Kendle, I havent had a chance to see it in action but I am looking foward to seeing it :)
This is just a glitch I had seen it a few days ago but happened so fast I did not get a screen shot. LAst night it lasted about 15 sec.. CRAZY!
IF I start seeing little green men and flying saucers flying over battlefield I think I will go see a doctor.. %-6

Little green men flying around can be arranged with santa clause shooting an mg from the sleigh while elves throw down nades on the allies spawn and the statue replaced with Artimus playing twister with Johnt.

Should be released sometime this week. STAY TUNED! :p

Oh and I just started that fire because I was cold. :D
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