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hey you all know me ass superman or muffin man but those were not premanent names i found out a name that suits me and i love it it is cool so i hope all u eGO members read this so u know who i am when we play together my name will now be Gârý Thë Mêdîc! it is a cool name so read this right now when u see it! (also if u have any name suggestions that u might wanna give me im totaly up to it if i get any i will have a poll on wich is the best) see u in the servers everybody!
yea, if i can give a suggestion too. I was thinking about changing my name but people will forget who you are.
Sounds like you like medicine ????? (Medic) why not call yourself DOC short for Doctor most medics in the military are called DOC
lol well i like this name i got now i think i will keep it but i needed a name that suited me not like superman im not superman im i dont know wut i am thats why i ahve gary the medic but if i ever say imma gunna change my name say this to me ill kick ya out if ya keep changing ur name foshizzle! lol
hopefully this will be the one that you stick to. i just read this today. and i didnt know that was you playing last night.