Britney's favorite song

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Not sure what mine is but I know it's by George Strait. Growing up, it didn't matter how dorky you were, if they were playing a George Strait song, you could get a pretty girl to dance with you.
Sure Waffle. Got have lots of trance. I got over 400 gigs of music on PC. Armin Van Buuren is another great DJ . think he is ranked #3 in world right now. He plays a weekly 2 hour live radio show on Thurs. 2:00 Eastern

Here is a great link to a 18 minute clip of a live set Armin played at Wroclaw 2006. The lazer and lights are incredible on the DVD version. All the tracks mixed in this set he composed.
400 gigs of music!! :O hell how many hardrives u got? .. well anyways my favorite song is.... um... all the yellowcard and green day songs
U guys should listen to power metal, Children of Bodom...I mean Alexi Laiho is a god... or Dragonforce :D
I'm not much of a headbanger myself....more along the lines of Linkin Park and some Emin3m, Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, most of the rock genre. Soundtracks to games and movies are also pretty cool.
400 gigs, my god. All I got is a 250G external and thats not even halfway full o_O Ugh noxus I hate eminem.... Hes a kracka without any skills to speak of.
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