my movie is done :)

Nice work Thomas. Looks very time consuming. Did you have to redraw every page?
yes, sadly i did. and b/c im not the most prestige student, the last say 70 frames were drawn. scanned and edited in one night. i seem to do that with all my projects tho. still passin with over a 4.0 so thats all that really counts. anyways thanks artimus
I tried that... Not exactly the most patient person... I couldn't do it... The flipping part was too hard...
i remember making really long kung fu flip books.
it was a thing at school during 8th grade. they were so much fun to make.

good job with your video dude. how long did it actually take from start to finish
to write all those pages.....probably like 8 hours. it takes forever when you have to draw like 15-25 stickmen per page. i know their only stickmen but it still takes a while. im alittle mad that my teacher made me write it out tho. i tried to let me just do it all on photoshop and make clips like that cuz its soooo much easier and faster but she said no :(
lol haha this is cool. i make things like this except with pivot. its a little easier and you can make templates for your background. nice job too.