Hmm booted


Well I'm off the roster it seems after the fact that I have been playing on the Donner server and Big Daddy can verify this.. I also have told John what was up in pm but got no reply. My comp has been a mess but is going good so far now. If you guys don't want me here.. I understand .. Just let me know something instead of the boot
But, you didnt' have eG access anymore, I gave it back to you in the forums, if your admin is not working correctly please PM Artimus or Slayr and they will get it back up.

You were not dropped off the roster, but Artimus may have removed you accidently from admin access. We dropped some 10 guys this last roll call.

Sorry :(
Wow that's trippy. Thanks.. though I was kinda puzzled and all that lol. I didn't see the role call cause I didn't have access to eG part of the forum but that was my fault.. I should of told u guys about it before things got shut down on the comp. Anyways fellas it's all good now :D
Make sure your admin is working or PM you steamid to Slayr and he will double check it to make sure you have all the right permissions.