Other Games

so what other games do you guys play? Sure DoD is amazing...but still, i know yall play other stuff.

the only thing i play more than DoD is World of Warcraft

I also paintball...but thats not really a videogame

But for those of you here who paintball i have an Ion.
Ive been playing Counter strike source a lot lately. Mostly Iceworld Maps. More fast paced and fun.

I also play Garrys mod. Im creative and i really like making stuff like that.

I play all the classic half life mods with my friends at lan partys.
I like to play COD3 for the 360, i also am a great big strategy fan, i got atlest nearly all the strategy games out to date. But i am looking forward to one shooter which comes out, and that is Quake wars Enemy Territory. c u on the servers guys! :D
you made the thread "other games" so technically it doesnt have to deal with video games. :)
this is the only computer game that i play, im not a big comp. gamer.
i play games on the nintendo wii- i love that thing.
xbox 360-going to another tourny at my friends church at the end of january.
magic the gathering-awesome card game.
paintball-i got a tippmann 98 custom, m4 stock, double trig, 21 inch sniper barrel. its a beast.
thats about it i guess.
i play css alot. i also play oblivion but my graphics card sux so i am trying to get morrowind from a friend until i can get a new graphics card :| :D !amazed
I'm actually playing alot more on my PSP since my 360 is dead and i won't be getting a new one till feb/march.

I'm playing through GTA Vice city stories and Medevil Resurrection.

I miss Gears of war though. !sad
I play Gears of War, CoD3, Halo 2 and GRAW on 360 mostly at LAN parties at my high school

CS:source, HL2:Deathmatch, and Halo on my PC on my extremely fast 56K modem...lol
i had to send my 360 in 2 weeks ago. still havnt gotten it back.
i let my brother borrow it for a month, i got it back new years and it didnt work. i think cause he smokes way to much. and all his friends. oh well it was still covered by the warrenty so its not a big deal
and i got the wii to play with

haha speak of the devil
it just came !amazed
Starcraft: Brood Wars, Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, Halo 2, Wario Wares (Wii), Soldat, Little Fighters 2, Super Smash Brothers: Melee, and Dance Dance Revolution: Ultramix 1-4 (yes, I play DDR, and in fact love it).

Weill be playing Natural Selection 2 and Pirates, Vikings and Knights 2, when they are public finals. And will be playing Dawn of War when I accept that I'm not getting it back from my brother and buy a new copy of it and the expansions. Will be playing Infantry Online when there are people to play it with. Will be playing lot's of Super Smash Brothers: Brawl when it comes out.
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lol i actually played runescape a bit b/c i almost fell asleep in CS and then DoD... I need new games!!!
You could always play Little Fighters 2 and Soldat. Both are free games. (Don't underestimate them because they're free). Or you could play Infantry Online, which is a great overhead shooter. Though you can only play on certain servers, and your data doesn't save, so you don't get to keep all the weapons, armor, and items you purchased and saved for, without paying the 5 dollars a month.