While yes i do love Donner and Avalanche is a server with rotation in the near future?

I would personally enjoy playing all the other maps with yall but its not logical to make a 24/7 server for every map %-6 that would be very expensive!


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Well, our donner sever is not even a month old yet. Give us a bit of time before we throw up another ;)


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yeah but if the server people agree we can always do a map vote!


keep donner! it owns.
flash would be intense for a full server. one of my favorite maps.
there is one map where the allies start on a beach, you have to capture axis's fountain, there is a bridge that you have to capture, church. etc what map is that called? thats a good map.
apocalypse..i know the map ur talking about...its good.

i havent played on the donner server yet... guess im going to go check it out! even though i love avalanche


they need/must remake northbound or flugplatz
i loved those maps so freaking much, especially blowing up the jets in the hangers in flugplatz


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yeah but if the server people agree we can always do a map vote!
Yea bunnies and I were thinking to ourselfs... Hey there are about 5 people on donner today so why not a map vote? We set everything up and gave all the possible maps we can play... Well as we found with voting we can only allow votes to pass for eGO's only... I dont know why but it just happened... Any suggestions? (possibly a pm or privite fourm...)