I'm Bored....

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I'm in computer skills class right now and I'm bored. We aren't doing ANYTHING! Anyone want to keep me company?

Boring stuff like that is usually about when I start listening to a station, usually video game amp. If you have headphones, I'd suggest that doing that :)

Actually, exactly where are you in terms of grade? If you're in highschool, the teacher might not stand for that. In that case, I'd suggest a book, or websurfing, or whatever floats your boat that you can get away with.
I'm a junior, but it isn't really a normal high school so the teacher wouldn't care if it wasn't a sub. Carrol doesn't care what you do so long as your working on your assignment but this teacher today was a jerk and wouldn't let us do anything.
I've been home since 12:30 though so it doesn't really matter. And I would have read a book but the one day I forgot to bring my book along. Anyone reading The Stand by Stephen King? It's a good one.
We don't have a computer skills class at my school. We just have a tech committee. I enjoy it and I love learning new stuff about computers, but the one thing I don't like about it is all the kids playing solitaire. Every time we are in it it's a situation of: Okay, so we have 90% of the kids sitting at their computers doing nothing, playing solitaire, or deleting over kids accounts. Now for the people that know what a computer IS, you can help us add songs to the bell, make a patch cable, and network your laptops to play starcraft during lunch.' and stuff like that. Then we ended up LOSING 90% of the committee cause Solitaire has been banned during class hours, the kids started noticing their deleted accounts, and the kids doing nothing ended up doing less when they were moved to the sports committee. Maybe I'm just a nerd but still %-6