[poll] paintball

so far ive found 2 other paintball players in this clan... are there any others?

if so post your guns here :D

Smartparts ion with a crappy hopper and no air tank cuz im poor

Anyone play at fields near arlington, tx?
I have a PM6 with all sorts of mods...and a halo with a sick gorilla air nitro tank..

I also have a smart parts ion for backup, it has a bunch of upgrades on it aswell.
tippmann 98 custom
21 inch barrel
m4 stock
double trigger.

ill get a picture of it sometime. it works for me, its an expensive hobby so i dont go for the expensive guns and trick it out alot.
i really do wanna get a tippmann x7. but my parents would be, whats wrong with the one you have now, blah blah blah. so its not gonna happen any time soon. lol.

i always play woodsball. but one time my friend set up all those things that goes on the bottom of the forklifts. they are wood. i always forget what they are called. but it was awesome. it was alot of fun. but woods ball is better. you get to be more tactical and stuff. i like being tactical.
Both cause i'm beast... I have a beginner pack that spyder kingman sniper pack.... GRRR DO NOT BUY THAT!

I will be getting today hopefully a kingman spyder piolt acs with a 18 inch barrel and some sweet dye anti fog goggles... It should be a very nice set up.
Woodsball please, speedball is just stupid. All that ever happens is I get shot from close range and I hate the ping agains the blow up cover. As for my gun, I have a Tippman Pro Carbine with a teardrop barrel to make it more accurate. I'm a paintball sniper through and through.
oneshotone kill try to avoid Kingman at all cost heard alot of bad thigns about them but i have a friend who has the acs and says its fine so it might be okay.

DONT GET ANTI-FOG GOGGLES!!! get thermal ones... the anti fog spray they spray on it wears off...

i have goggles from JT that are thermal coated or whatever.
and i have had NO FOG on my goggles whatso ever
i would want a tippmann but my parents said the same thing..."whats wrong with the one you have now?"
i gots a Black Maxx with 18 inch barrel and 20 oz tank. and a Pirhana, not very good, both are double trigs. Might sell um to get an Ion :D

is the mask i have...cept its olive green and black

i wore this mask around my house while running in circles for about 15min...no fog... also thers enough room in them to wear glasses!

http://www.888paintball.com/Shop/Control/Product/fp/vpid/1497935/vpcsid/0/SFV/30842 is what i should be getting soon for my ion! since my other one feeds the balls SOO SLOW

(if i can get a job im going to get a tippman and pimp it out for something called The Big Game...its a 4,000 person paintball game its badass!)
http://www.biggame-paintball.com/games.html i think is the right link
Im a more woodsball fan, Im a big guy 6'1 and 220 pounds so hunkerin down behind these little ol baloons don't go very well with me better when its more of an open space where I can move around in and find better cover... :D

As far as my gun went, I sold it a while and switched to airsofting (We have cooler guns) but now I got some sweet airsoft guns to tinker with ^-^
im 6ft3 and its actually easier for me to hid behind the "ballons" becuase in woodsball i allways get hit in the mask by a stupid tree!

and yes 1shot1kill that should work... try and get a mask that also has a wide field of vision (big goggle space)