EGO Zealot
Sometime I will try to log on to the Donner sever and its not full and this pops up "Connection failed after 4 retries." can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?... I reset steam and it still says this... !grr
It could be your router / internet connection sputtering. How often has it been doing this?
mmmmmmmm i get this problem also . to solve this i unplug my router and plug back in again also i type retry in the console or reload this normammaly does the trick for me ;)
Well, it sorta goes without saying that you should always check your firewall settings. I also set my computer as the dmz so I don't get the nat effect, which can be detrimental to gaming/hosting servers...
Thanks... I looked at my firewalls and nothing, so i looked at the back of my router and one thing was unpluged so that was it. but thanks
well whatever i did still didn't help it :(( its still doing the same thing. I will get on the ava sever then go ill go to the donner sever no prob now i can not get on the ava sever !grr Do you think there could be anything else?
I'm afraid I haven't any other idea what it could be. Erratic problems can be frustrating since sometimes it works...and sometimes it doesn't. :/

You could try emailing steam support or googling for others with the same problem...