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The other night on Teamspeak I was talking to Woolen and Tommy (and possibly Apocalypse) about this voice overlay program.

Basically you run this program before you start DoD and after your logged onto TS. This will then create an overlay above your DoD window displaying the name of the person who is currently speaking on TS. This is a VERY useful utility and is great if you find it hard to match names to voices etc etc

There are actually two of these programs available:

I used both of these programs during my World or Warcraft days on both TS and Vent servers and never encountered any problems with them.

Just thought i would share....

word of warning chaps.

VoiceOverlay is free.
The program is alpha at the moment.
Use at your own risk.
I am not responsible for any possible damages or software crashed, or bans from games, where the Anti Cheat tool made a false detect.

i've seen punkbuster kick people for using this with trilo. so it may land you with a vac ban. which is why i tend to steer clear of these things. just in case.
Yea peachdog i know what your saying, on the Voice Overlay site it does say that it has been tested with some anti cheat stuff

[blockquote] Tested Games

* Counterstrike 1.5
* Counterstrike 1.6
* Counterstrike Source
* Unreal Tournament 2004
* Empire Earth 2
* Battlefield 1942
* Battlefield 2 Demo
* Enemy Territory
* Battlefield 2 Full version
* Guild Wars
* World of Warcraft

Tested AntiCheat Tools

* Cheating Death (CS1.6 OpenGL)
* VAC / VAC2
* AntiTCC
* Punkbuster
Or you could do what I do, but this keyboard and get a TS plugin for the LCD screen :)
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