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whats the best sport?
u betta say hockey
well go fucking sweden in the world cup o hockey canada cna win but go fucking sweden
whoa, language buddy.. i'm pretty sure the same rules that apply in the server are applied here.

on a different note... BASKETBALL. takes so much teamwork, strength, agality, stamina, and blah blah blah to play.

i started varsity for 3 years. shooting guard.
Biased zebra. All sports have their fan boys(and or girls). Each sport requires some sort of skill, athleticism and effort. Very few sports, especially televised sports, don't rely on anyone else. Even sports like boxing require an enormous amount of time and trust between the trainers, sparring partners and others with the boxer.

I can say that hockey has a distinct disadvantage if compared to other sports, it has a very limited play field. If ice hockey, you need ice. Just street hockey, with or without some type of roller blade type thing you still need a flat hard surface. Most other sports can cope with this save for things like tennis, basketball and swimming. So if you're asking what the best sport is, I'd have to say a sport that can be played anywhere with minimal equipment. Something along the lines of soccer, at the very least for versatility(equipment, places and even amount of people can easily be changed).
Lol I think this was a post a while back and noyade said the same... I am a baseball player/ paintball player... Yea its fun...
yeah i'm pretty baised towards basketball... but i never said that every other sport doesnt require that stuff too.

i love playing basketball and pretty much everyother sport except badminton and cricket.
this is begging for a poll question... but actually its football... soccer sucks and its a lame girly sport. real men play football and watch the super bowl!!!
soccer man because my parents are from argentina and argentina's got like 1 of the best soccer team in the world. sadly we lost in the third round against germany last world cup, but we stil had 3 goals that took up 1, 2, and 3 of the best goals of the world cup. !lol !lol !lol !lol !amazed !amazed !amazed
I don't play sports, nor do I watch them. They have never interested me. My dad never liked that. He tried to get me to be a star player, first in basketball and then in baseball. They left me on the bench in basketball because I only hurt the team, and in baseball I played in the outfield where I could do the least damage. Ironically, the only time I ever caught a ball in the outfield I was filling in for the other teams outfielder who had gotten sick and couldn't play and I lost us the game. The team pretty much disowned me after that.
Consistency is a good thing OSOK, unless there is new reasons to change your ways or beliefs.
Yep! I have no problem with a repeat of a thread. Its just ironic that's all :)
yeah football get some! no jk basketball is my sport been playing city league since I was 7, then prolly mountain biking, its a fun sport too
soccer sucks and its a lame girly sport. real men play football and watch the super bowl!!!

ive played soccer for about 12 years now...wrestled for about 7, Ju-Jitsu about 4, Boxing/Kickboxing 5, and Mui-Tai for 1, so if you wanna call me a little girl go right ahead lol......and btw

COLTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!! MY TEAM!! (streamers and confettie or w/e fall from the sky and elephants come out with party hats on jugling chainsaws while on uni-cycles congradulate me for eating PBJ's for an entire week breackfast lunch and dinner)

bah football (soccer) is a good game but u cant beat a bit of rugby and a spot of fishing L:)

spot of fishing I'm right there with ya buddy... Whats your biggest fish? Mines a 50 inch muskie... That thing took like an hour to get it... Weighted about oh say, 50-55 pounds... Stupid thing nearly took me over the boat... :D
ya well wut is wrong with u guys? go hockey didnt any watch the world juniors watch carey price best junior goalie yet. how come dont u guys watch the winter olympics? hockey man football soccer baseball pffftt paintball and hockey all the way

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