hey i haven't been on for a while, tryign to get my parents to buy me another copy of DoD : Source cuz my old account got messed up.......... =(
no i dunno what happened and i didn't use illegal software..
i haven't been on steam for a while, so i exit steam when my computer turns on (auto turn-on) and start playin bf2142/bf2 cuz i was takin a break from dod.... then i try to log on and its like doesn't notice your password/login or account was deleted.
you still have a serial number for any steam games or did buy them all through steam online if so find recipts call/email valve tell 'em account is missing or w/e, tell'em you got reciept/serial number
maybe your thinking of the wrong password that happened to me once... then i was duh %-6 i should of know that !grr

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